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I’ve always been interested in telling stories.


I started my career as a journalist, reporting on environmental news and regulations in Washington, D.C., and then working in regional journalism in New Hampshire for the state’s top newspaper. But since 1999, I’ve been a book publicist, specializing in the world of non-fiction authors. I’ve worked in-house at large publishers, such as Doubleday Broadway (now part of Penguin Random House) and medium-sized houses, such as Basic Books. I worked for a freelance book publicity firm for over a decade before hanging out my own shingle as a solo publicist in 2017. Since then, I’ve focused my time and efforts on launch campaigns for books with the potential to change the way people think about the culture and systems around them.


My decades in the book business mean I understand how the industry works, why publishers make the decisions they do, and how the media choose to feature books, authors, and ideas in an ever-evolving news landscape. This experience and knowledge mean my value to my clients is about more than securing coverage for their books in print, broadcast, and online media. I’m also a guide who can explain how their book fits into the bigger publishing picture, their bodyguard when negative press or social media “events” might occur, and their head cheerleader, working tirelessly on their behalf.


The books I represent are all non-fiction (while I love to read novels, short stories, and poetry, I do not publicize such books, nor do I work on self-published books of any genre). Within that very big tent, the categories I have deep experience in are politics, economics, science and nature, justice and the law, education, current events, social issues, business, culture, and strong narrative tales.


For more information about who I’ve worked with in my career, please see my Clients page. To inquire about working together, please fill out the Contact form here

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