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Working with authors, thinkers, and doers is what I love.


It may seem obvious, but it bears saying: when you choose to work with me, you work directly with me. I don’t have a staff, so I handle every detail of each project myself. You can be confident that the person calling the media about interviews and reviews, or making the case for your op-ed with a major outlet, or finalizing the details for your book’s launch event is the person in the company with the experience, relationships, and know-how to do all of the above and more.


Because I only work with a small number of clients at one time, I consider carefully each project I take on. I never work on a book without reading at least some of the manuscript first: it’s important to me that I can represent an author’s ideas and writing with conviction and passion. Part of my role is to be a book’s champion, finding the right places for coverage in the media. Another part of my role is to be an author’s guardian, ensuring that any book coverage focuses on the ideas and themes that they would like to see out in the world.


Depending on the needs and desires of the author or publisher who hires me, I can take on an entire campaign or just one portion:

  • Some of the work that I undertake happens before a book is scheduled for release, such as creating the overall launch and media strategy; working with an author on talking points, story angles, and drafting op-ed ideas; and helping them compile and organize their personal lists of friendly media contacts and supportive organizations. This is also the time at which I work to schedule events for a book’s launch period, and propose appropriate titles to book clubs with national reach.

  • Some of the work I do is pure “media work,” where I present the book to top national, regional, and niche broadcast, print, and online media via email, phone and in-person or virtual meetings, ultimately arranging coverage such as reviews, interviews, and excerpts.

  • And then some of the work doesn’t fall into either of these categories. I routinely offer advice and insight that is under the umbrella of “consulting”: What should your book jacket look like? Does it make sense to write a regular newsletter? And what should we do about the competing titles coming out around the same time as your book? I can offer valuable perspective on many aspects of publishing that might be opaque to authors (no matter how many books they have published).

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